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  • WINNING Professional headgear
  • WINNING Professional headgear
  • WINNING Professional headgear
  • WINNING Professional headgear
  • WINNING Professional headgear
  • WINNING Professional headgear
  • WINNING Professional headgear
  • WINNING Professional headgear
  • WINNING Professional headgear

WINNING Professional headgear



  1. Mayweather's / Pacquiao's favourite piece of headgear
  2. Superb Padding & Protection to prevent injuries
  3. Surprisingly Light Feel :As light as feather
  4. Secure and Comfortable fit
  5. No Break in period
  6. Made from Premium Material by Top-level craftsmen
  7. Thicker padding on the forehead and cheek
  8. A need to have for all Boxers (Professional/Amateur)


When it comes to boxing headgear, Winning's headgear feels lighter than any other brand out there in the market. You can throw any brand right at it and it will still emerge the winner.  Just 270g of weight, you wont be able to find anything lighter in the market. The astonishing sense of lightness comes from perfecting the weight distribution of the headgear and handcrafting every single equipment like they are a custom gear. No wonder, Champions like Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather and many others choose them.


Leave it to the Japanese to always make top-notch quality headgear. The Winning FG2900 comes with the finest material and construction. Even its plastic quick clip is durable and thick. After taking plenty of shots, this clip doesn’t come undone. What’s more is the FG2900 is adorned with a rear-laced string adjustment and a locking chinstrap. The very same day you get them you can go out and spar without worrying about getting hurt with punches. No break in period whatsoever for these things. When it comes to design, comfort is obviously Winning’s top priority. From the snug fit to the thick cheeks and foam composition, it’s an incredibly design piece of headgear.  
Believe the hype. The Winning FG 2900 is most definitely the best boxing headgear around. Pros like Mayweather and Pacquiao swear by it. Once you invest on this bad boy, you’d forget all about how expensive it is.


Our best advice is to never lend it out or risk losing it. It fits your head like no other, provides you visibility and protection like no other. Not to mention, tops you off with a quality and stylish headgear worth the attention.


"The FG2900 is SUPER padded, soft, and comfortable but NOT BULKY at all. It has a really soft slow recovery foam that absorbs a great deal of shock, especially on the forehead. It fits snugly on your face and feels smooth. It doesnt move around during sparing and again it absorbs ALOT of shock. If you're going to get hurt, I can promise it will be no where near as much as if you used some other headgear. The padding around the cheeks is extra padded so this helps take shock off nose shots and makes it kind of hard to really get hit in the nose clean. They have other headgears too, but the fg2900 has 30 percent more padding on the cheeks and forehead than traditional headgear. This model has since become my allllll time favourite ! 


"The padding on this headgear is very good. This is easily the best Mexican Style headgear to date. I had my brother take a few good shots at me while I wore this headgear and still got a headache the next day, so don't think you can eat shots. I would rate the padding 8.5/10. If you want thicker padding, you might want to opt for a heavier headgear. I really like how my nose is protected by the thick cheek guards, as nose protection is very important to me. I would've appreciated more padding by the ear region and back of the head. But overall, this is a great piece to have in your arsenal. I really love how light this headgear is, I believe the slicker boxers will appreciate this (no wonder Mayweather uses it). I have yet to spar with this headgear and I will update this thread when I do. I do not believe that a 'perfect' headgear exists but this is up there. Yes, the price is high but protecting your brain while you enjoy sparring is priceless."

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