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  • Danger Equipment Muay Thai Shorts (Tiger)
  • Danger Equipment Muay Thai Shorts (Tiger)
  • Danger Equipment Muay Thai Shorts (Tiger)

Danger Equipment Muay Thai Shorts (Tiger)

  • Polyester (smooth to touch)
  • Light and quick drying material
  • Great for training and competition
  • High Quality
  • Embroidery patch stitched on separately
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Machine-washable (normal washing mode, DO NOT put in dryer)
  • See sizing chart below


The Danger Equipment team have years of experience in the combat sports industry, producing Muay Thai shorts for many years that have been know as some of the most robust and high quality of any brand.


These D.E Fit Special Muay Thai Shorts are made with a combination of materials to make them tough, durable, functional and great looking.


Through years of work with Muay Thai athletes, Danger Equipment have looked to innovate and push their designs forward to bring the most out of their athletes. They know the athletes needs to perform, and they can help this by providing:


• Wide legs to aid in the perfect round kick, knee or push kick.

• A waistband that keeps everything comfortable and in place, whilst allowing full movement.

• Industry-leading designs and build quality


Danger Equipment Muay Thai shorts will always be synonymous with quality and innovation. That comes from years of experience on the ground and building relationships with athletes who can relay what they need from their equipment, so now you don't have to.



Waist (Inches)

S24 up to 27
M26 up to 29
L28 up to 31
XL31 up to 34




  • Size chart is a rough guide/estimate
  • Selecting sizing based on your personal preference (wearing shorts loose or tight)
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