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  • Cleto Reyes Premium Hand wraps
  • Cleto Reyes Premium Hand wraps
  • Cleto Reyes Premium Hand wraps
SKU: CR-wraps

Cleto Reyes Premium Hand wraps

  • The most authentic Mexican Style Handwraps you can ever find
    (Hand made in Mexico)
  • Durable, high quality composition for repeated use
  • Compact gauze feel (Excellent for Professional fighters)
  • 5M long
  • 100% washable polyester
  • Cleto Reyes Singapore brought to you by (MTB Asia)
  • Amazon price : S$45 with shipping
  • 2% rebate only applicable for internet banking/ATM transfer/Cheque payment


Wider and superior quality hand wrap with a breathable fabric that ensures durability after repeated use. Convenient hook and loop closure.


Handcrafted in Mexico. Cleto Reyes is a super trusted name brand when it comes to martial arts equipment. And these Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop Protection Handwraps certainly seem to be everything they boast and more. These hand wraps offer the fighter essential hand and wrist protection both during training and fight. And they are comprised of high quality composition to better ensure durability after extensive use


MTB Asia is the only authorised (licensed) retailer of Cleto Reyes Equipment in Singapore.

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