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  • Boxing Gloves Deodoriser

Boxing Gloves Deodoriser


The one solution towards a smaller, normal bag - MTBS brings you the next in-thing for the Boxing/Muay Thai Community.


  • Boxing gloves clip to air your gloves after use
  • Menthol Ingredient (Commonly found in medications, chest rubs and steam vaporizers [tiger balm, vicks] and other skin protectants)
  • Naturally safe for your skin
  • Multi-purpose (Can be used for gloves or shoes)
  • Small and handy (Size of a mini thumb drive)
  • Free up space in your bag for more important things
  • Match your clip with the Gloves clip for best usage and....
  • SAY GOODBYE TO SMELLY GLOVES ! Keep your gloves smelling fresh all day !
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